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特殊疑问句的时候,是 Whose bike is it?(疑问语序) 当做从句得时候是……whose bike it is.(陈述语序)

it is 是陈述句

Whose bed room is it? 那是谁的寝室? It's theirs. 是他们的 这里用名词性所有格。希望能帮助到你

Whose is the dog?

Jim and John are good friends. They always work together and play together. One day their class had a exam. Their teacher found there was a paper on the ground just between desks of Jim and John. The teacher asked them: whose p...

意思是:它是谁的狗? whose是一个英语单词,可以用作代词,可以翻译为谁的、那个人的,等等。

l don't like it 意思是 “我不喜欢它”。下一句说不通,应该改为 is it just like what it is? 意思是 “它只是像它本来的样子吗?” 最后的 or is it a person? 意思是 “或者那是个人吗?”

whose hat is it 全部释义和例句>> 这是谁的帽子 But whose hat is it? He won't let me talk. 那会是谁的呢?他可不想让我说。

The person is wondering what s/he doesn't like. Or s/he is trying to determine if it is the person or something rather than a person s/he doesn't like.

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