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where is my schoolbag 我的书包在哪里;


初中英语七年级上册Unit4 Where is my school bag(2012版)种子下载地址:

My school is very big and beautiful.There is a big playground and a big garden are behind our teaching buildings.the garden is very beautiful.There are about 2000 students and more than 200 teachers in my teachers are...

Where is my school My school is near a park. There is a big supermarket nearby,too . It is not big but beautiful . This is the way to my school. Take the underground . Get out at Exit A. Turn right and walk straight on to the t...

Our school is very big and beautiful. Our school is a beautiful big garden, it is in the vicinity of the school gate, there are a lot of flowers and grass, very beautiful. Our school has a big library, it is on the two floor, t...

When is the school trip this year? 今年学校组织的出游在什么时候?

Where is your school? My school is behind green lake.It is in a group of a greet number of apartments.It looks beautiful.Everyday I went from my home to my school.I go staight at the book store.Then I turn right and turn left.G...

whereistheschool,please? 请问学校在哪里


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