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Step 1 Warm-up / Revision(热身与复习) (3—5′) 1. Look,listen and chant [活动方式] 教师与学生进行见面问候和简单的口语对话之后做热身活动。 T: Hello, boys and girls. I’m Miss White. Nice to meet you. How are you? What day is i...


British, English Canada ☆Ottawa Canadian Japan *Tokyo Japanese Australia *C 要提高自己的听说水平,首先要积极参与英语活动,应主动发言,积极回答问题; 8. 在进行句子听写时,

firstly we should make a plan everyday according to the plan we should finish it everyday if you are a student you should study hard and widen your knowledge if you are a clerk you should widen your skills and professional know...



建议去 百度文库 里去搜搜 有很多 文档的 祝你顺利

google去翻译下吧 虽然翻译的不是很好 但能看懂个大概

Dream our own dream Good morning/afternoon,ladies and Gentlemen。 I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. Do you have a goal in our life?Do you often dream your own dream ?Don’t forget one sentence following W...

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