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都有 看到 的意思,但重点不一样 what do you see 你看到了什么 ? what can you see 你能看见什么 ?


What animals can you see?你\/你们能看见什么动物?

Total Can't You See? (featuring the notorious b.i.g.) You just don't know what you do to me... Rap by notorious b.i.g.: Give me all the chicken heads From pasadena to medina Bet big get in between ya Then pick the prognosis, d...

1. I can see a door. 2. I can see a window. 3. I can see a board. 4. I can see a fan. 5. I can see a light. 6. I can see some desks. 答案不唯一

选A,什么都不要填。表示名词颜色不需要加冠词。 What colour can you see? I can see (/) blue. 你能看到什么颜色? 我能看到蓝色。


what can you see in your bedroom? 在你的卧室你能看见什么? 分析: 主语 you can see 谓语动词 what 作see 的宾语 in your bedroom 作状语‘ 在你的卧室’ 答语用句型: I can see... 我能看见…… 如 I can see a bed , a desk and some flowers...

I can't see any.

cat,cat.what can you see 猫咪,猫咪,你能看到什么?

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