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unit2 Colours

Calm coloursHave you ever walked into a room and felt relaxed? It could be because the walls were painted blue, a calm and peaceful colour.Some colours make us feel calm and peaceful. Blue is one of these colours. Weari...

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Colours and moods Do you know anything interesting about colours?Did you know that colours can affect our moods? Colours can change our moods and make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy.This report explains what colours ...

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颜色和情绪 你知道任何关于颜色有趣的地方吗?你知道颜色可以印象我们的心情吗?颜色可以改变我们的心情并且让我们感到快乐或伤心,精力充沛或昏昏欲睡。这份报告说明了颜色可以做什么和代表了什么特征。 平静的颜色 你是否曾经走进一间房间感到...

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