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tons of cock 成吨的公鸡 词典结果: cock[英][kɒk][美][kɑ:k] n.公鸡; 成熟雄鸟; 首领,领导; 龙头; vt.使某物竖起; 使某物倾斜; 使朝上; 扳上扳机; vi.翘起,竖起; 大摇大摆; 第三人称单数:cocks过去分词:cocked复数:cocks现在进行时...

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Relying on the lucrative coal and electricity resources, is building 6 million tons of Coke, 2 million tons of chemical fertilizer project, become an ...

to 3.6 kilograms of water, a month can be set to 260 tons of water. ...YueZong said, has special functions of bibcock is not all water, double ...

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