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put it oFF是什么意思

put it off 拖延症;延后;把它推迟 例句 1.e. g. We cannot have the meeting tonight. We shall have to put it off until tomorrow. 今晚我们无法开会,只好把它推迟到明天。 2.He had originally planned to clean his room but then decide...

turn it off 关掉它 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 关掉它 例句: 1. To turn it off you roll over and slide your finger across your iphone. 你只需翻个身,用手指在你的iPhone上划一下,就能关闭震动。


shake it off 摆脱它 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 百科释义 1. 摆脱 例句: 1. I just need to shake it off. 我只是想快点下来. ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

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to top it all off的中文翻译 to top it all off 把它全部关闭 双语例句 1 And to top it all off, the game simply looks amazing. 总的来说,这款游戏看上去是很令人吃惊的。 2 To top it all off one of the catering staff managed to slice...

switch it off 关掉它 You can choose to filter results more stringently or switch it off completely. 你可以选择性的让过滤系统更加严格或者把它完全地关闭。

knock it off 别闹了 knock it off 英 [nɔk it ɔf] 美 [nɑk ɪt ɔf] 词典 停止 双语例句 1 Will you just knock it off! 别闹了! 2 Knock it off, you have shouted at me a whole day. 够了,你已经对我吼了一整天了。

Shake It Off 摆脱;摆脱它;摇一摇 例句 1."It felt like a little tweak, and I tried to shake it off and stretch it out, " he said. “这让我感觉扭了一下,我试着摆动让它舒展开,”他说。 2.They go back on their pledge to accept the l...

shake it off 摆脱它 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义百科释义 1. 摆脱 例句: 1. I just need to shake it off. 我只是想快点下来.

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