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就是are expected 的省略,意思是将会有更多大龄孕妇 满意请采纳,谢谢

pre-natal complex是一款药品的名字:孕妇综合维生素 pregnant孕妇 nursing women哺乳中的女性 翻译:供孕妇及授乳妇女服用的综合维生素

BY的用法很广泛,列出涉及本句的如下: used for giving more information about where sb comes from; what sb does; during sth; in a particular situation etc. 即:用以引出补充更多信息,如有关出生地、职业、在…期间、处于某种特别状况等...

Japan Women breastfeeding video 日本妇女母乳喂养视频 双语对照 例句: 1. New guidance foralcohol consumption by breastfeeding women is included. 新增包括哺乳期妇女在内的饮酒消费指导。 2. This suggests, say the researchers, that w...

上面说的我也很赞同 维多利亚的确挺不错 不论从技术还是环境 大夫也不错 可以去医院问问

All women of childbearing age are pregnant until proven otherwise.的含义:除非出现意外情况,所有到达育龄的女人都可以怀孕。 例句:It always helps if you go in a relationship with the idea that everyone is innocentand worth of tr...

BABC 1. 第一段和第二段2. 第二段: So were my failures.3. 第三段: You cannot imagine my satisfaction at being able to answer, 45.4. 第三段: the visual of their physics professor heavily pregnant doing physics experiments.

哦哟,麻烦大了。 First of all, pregnant women must be relaxed attitude, the face of easy pregnancy and birth of new life. In China, pregnant...

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