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novels 英['nɒvlz] 美['nɒvlz] n. (长篇) 小说( novel的名词复数 ); [网络] 新律; 长篇; 长篇小说; [例句]Dickens 'novels have enriched English literature. 狄更斯的小说丰富了英国文学。 [其他] 形近词: isovels revels bevels

novels 英 ['nɒvlz] 美 ['nɒvlz] n. (长篇)小说( novel的名词复数 )

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novel1 KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 新的,新颖的,新奇的 She came up with a novel solution to the problem. 她想出了一个解决问题的新奇的办法。 He's full of novel ideas. 他满脑子都是新奇的想法。 novel2 KK: [] DJ: [] n. 1. (长篇)小说[C] He h...

1、答题要领: (1)specifically express your stand. (2)ideally include 2 reasons for your preference. 2、观点提示: (1) novels 1) The plot is interesting and attractive. Reading novels is a good way to relax myself. 2) Reading no...

Graphic Novel和Comic Book的区别: Comic books and graphic novels differ in terms of story completeness, length and the presence of advertisements. The latter publication tends to be easier to find in bookstores and libraries, a...

Reading novels is good to us.But of course it has many disadvantaged,too.Reading novels can make us know more about the world.It can also improve our standard in writing articles.But sometimes,it may waste our time.It may give ...

five of which which代表 some books 这些书里的五本是英语小说 of 表示范围 in的话是中文式的想法,在里面,但是这里更多表达的是个范围,而不是地点。

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