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look at these __women(woman)填空


英语里“穿...”的表示方法有这几种:1. “put on" ,"dress" ,"pull on"通常用于表示“穿...”的动作;2. 而"wear" ,"be in..."则通常用于表示“穿...”的状态,比如:"The man is wearing a red skirt"; "The little boy under the tree is in a bl...

is happening arguing 看,那么正在发生什么?有两个女人正在那里争吵。

1.The jewelry which was very expensive was guarded by apoliceman. 2.I bought a brochure which was written by a famous artist. 3.a woman who looks angry was waiting for the bus. 4.I saw a student who is reading anewspaper on the...

不可以放在at 后面,look at 这个短语强烈的需要引出介词at的宾语,修饰look 的副词angrily 只能让位于at 短语,退到句子末尾。

这句话的主语是a woman, 是单数,with a baby是介词短语作伴随状语,所以谓语动词用单数形式is. 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

look的进行时态are looking,后面填in police (are looking )for a man and a women (in )their early twenties who broke into a bank in the early hours this morning

S: Hello ,may I help you? Beautiful lady. C:Yes, I want to buy some fruits. Could you introduce the price of some fruits for me? S: My pleasure, I recommend you to buy some cucumber. The cucumber are fresh and cheap . As you kn...

前面是look for后面是find。前面是寻找,是一种动作,后面是找到,是一个结果。全句翻译为:你能帮这位老妇人找一下她的眼镜吗?她找不到在哪里了

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