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可能是这首。 oh pretty woman 演唱:Roy Orbison 下载: 歌词: pretty woman ...

虽然look, listen一般暗示现在进行时,但是在实义动词have表示“拥有”的意思时,是持续性动作,不能用现在进行时,这是由实义动词have本身的不同意思决定的,假设:如果用动词ing, 那么有两个孩子不就变成 “一时间有两个孩子”? 这就不符合常理了...

原句:Look at that woman. 改为否定句: Don't look at that woman.


is happening arguing 看,那么正在发生什么?有两个女人正在那里争吵。

1.The jewelry which was very expensive was guarded by apoliceman. 2.I bought a brochure which was written by a famous artist. 3.a woman who looks angry was waiting for the bus. 4.I saw a student who is reading anewspaper on the...


不可以放在at 后面,look at 这个短语强烈的需要引出介词at的宾语,修饰look 的副词angrily 只能让位于at 短语,退到句子末尾。

根据句意 look after照顾 would you like to look after this sick woman 你想照顾这个生病的女人吗?

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