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Drink likE Fish

drink like a fish [英][driŋk laik ə fiʃ][美][drɪŋk laɪk e fɪʃ] 牛饮,(因口干)大量的狼狈的喝水,喝很多酒; 例句: 1. Tom used to drink like a fish--eight pints a night was quiteusual for h...

drink like a fish 英[driŋk laik ə fiʃ] 美[drɪŋk laɪk e fɪʃ] 牛饮,(因口干)大量的狼狈的喝水,喝很多酒 [例句]Tom used to drink like a fish -- eight pints a night was quite usual for him. ...


drink like a fish

1. They eat a lots of potatoes. 2. They eat bread for breakfast with butter, cheese, jam or other things. 3. They drink cold milk. 4....

drink like a fish 英 [driŋk laik ə fiʃ] 美 [drɪŋk laɪk e fɪʃ] 牛饮,(因口干)大量的狼狈的喝水,喝很多酒

这句话的翻译是: 我想喝点鱼汤。 提问就是你想吃点什么?(喝什么的话一般指饮料,鱼汤属于食品) What do you want to eat? 希望对你有帮助!

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