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BE to Do sth和 BE Doing sth的区别

如果你所指的 do 是一般动词,那么两种表达形式是指不同时空发生的行为, ~be to do sth. 表示未来预定要发生的行为,如 The sports meet is to be held next week (运动会定于下周举行); ~be doing sth. 表示现在正发生的行为。 如果 be doi...

be to do表示将来要做的事, be doing表示一般情况.如: What I want is to lie down and have a good rest.我想的就是躺下睡会. What he does is feeding pigs.他的工作就是养猪.

Be going to do = will do 将来时。。将要做某事 be doing 就是现在进行时

二者有本质差别,前者是现在进行时,意思是正在做某事 后者是将要(打算)做某事,是现在进行时表将来,有的时候可以和will do sth互换 希望能帮到你,祝你开心,进步^_^有问题再给我留言

be to do sth -----强调已经决定并且不会改变: 1 Tom is to go there next Monday. 2 If you are to pass the exam, you have got to work hard. will do-------往往强调到了时间事情就会发生: Our bus will start in 10 minutes, at 3:00 o'c...

下列动词或词组后面都可以接doing: admit 承认 appreciate 感激 avoid 避免 complete完成 consider认为 delay 耽误 deny 否认 detest 讨厌 endure 忍受 enjoy 喜欢 escape 逃脱 fancy 想象 finish 完成 imagine 想象 mind 介意 miss 想念 postpo...

there is sth to do意思是 有事情需要做 there is sth doing 意思是 有什么东西(sth)正在做某件事情。

be surprised to do sth和be surprised doing sth的区别是: be surprised to do sth 是惊讶地去做某事. be surprised doing sth 是惊讶已经做了某事.

第一个是要去做某事 第二个是正在做某事

区别: be busy to do sth.(一般没有这个语法,只能说too busy doing sth,太忙以至于无法做某事)和be busy doing的意思正好相反。 1)too busy doing sth,太忙以至于无法做某事 Indemittedly, most of the time you will be too busy doing thing...

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