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BE ClosE to用法

close to 靠进接近 be close to 里面的be 是be 动词,指的是 is am are 这些,在具体的语法环境中各有不同 be closed to 没有这种用法 应该是to be closed 被关闭的意思

be close to 的 close 是表示特征的形容词,意思是 “靠近/紧邻 ...”。 be closed to 的 closed 是表示状态的形容词,意思是 “对 ... 处于关闭状态”。

be close to 固定短语搭配,意思是:接近于 be close to+名词His house is close to the factory. 他家靠近工厂。 be close to+人称代词(宾格) I find that I can't see the words clearly when the book is close to me. 我发现要是书离得很近...

be close to 接近于……。the ship is now close to the coast. 船离海岸很近 be closed to do 应不是固定搭配,the door is closed to stop the sand storm. 门被关上以抵御沙尘暴。

be close to:接近于…接近、靠近、亲近、临近 例句1:The top rate of income tax, including social-security contributions, will still be close to60%. 例句2:One of the reasons that your wife married you was because of her desire to...

be close to造句 靠近 It's close to the shop. 临近商店。

楼上老兄的回答完全正确,但可能不会的看来还是不会.Get close to 在中文中可译为,向...靠近,表示靠的的过程,而后者,表示你现在的位置和...接的,表示一种静态的状态.

be close to 接近,靠近 His house is close to the factory. 他家靠近该厂。 be closed to sb 与某人亲密

首先close用作动词时是关闭的意思,表示动词如:close the window关窗户 be closed 表示状态,关着的 be close to 是与。。。很近的意思 应该是be closed

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