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WhAt woulD you likE For lunCh?(翻译)

1. Please wake me up at six o’clocktomorrow morning. 2. Is it time for lunch? Is it time to have lunch? 3. What would you like to do at weekends? 4. Wish good luck for our football team! 5. He has never been late for school. 6....

He would like some fish for lunch. 首先“想”最好用would like 而不是want。比如通常点餐是侍应生也都是用What would you like,sir?表示你想吃点什么或是你想喝点什么? 此外,some的用法并不拘于其后面所跟的名词的单复数格。

A: what time? B: eleven forty-five, time for lunch. A: yeah, i'm kinda hungry, what do you want? B: hmm, what about we eat off campus? A: not bad. what kind of food? Chinese, Japanese or spaghetti? B: I don't like spaghetti, no...

what does he have for lunch? what is he doing during lunch? who is The girl wearing a purple jacket? what do you want forThanksgiving day ? I want two train models. Would you like some coffee? No, thank you Can I borrow some of...

For Lunch: 午餐之旅 ;作为午饭 ;午餐 满意请采纳哦,谢谢,祝学习进步!

你好! 翻译为: 周四午餐你吃什么? 希望能够帮到你!


如果是两人在对话,用现在时态: a: whar do you eat for lunch? b. I have a huamburger. 如果是在谈论过一会还未发生的事: a. what do you want for lunch? b. i will have a humburger 如果是已经吃过了: a. what did you have for lunch? ...

It's time for lunch, Yangling. 表示杨凌,该吃中饭了 It's time for.... 表示,是时候做什么

What does Chinese often has for lunch? 希望能帮到你,不明还可以追问的 记得采纳哟,,嘻嘻!

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