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WhAt woulD you likE For lunCh?(翻译)


what do you want to have for lunch?


For Lunch: 午餐之旅 ;作为午饭 ;午餐 满意请采纳哦,谢谢,祝学习进步!

I like chicken for lunch 我喜欢吃鸡肉吃午饭

Would you like a burger or fried chicken for lunchNo Way! Please pass me the salad instead 意思是----中午你想吃汉堡还是炸鸡?不!我想吃沙拉! 太长了就只能给你做36题 剩下的你慢慢看吧 不是很难 知道意思了就好办多了

Unit 1 [Help with Sports in English] Are you busy after school? No. Can you speak English? Yes. Then we need you to help with sports for English-speaker students. It is relaxing and easy! Please come to the Students' Sports Cen...

What would you like to have for lunch? 午饭吃什么?

A: what time? B: eleven forty-five, time for lunch. A: yeah, i'm kinda hungry, what do you want? B: hmm, what about we eat off campus? A: not bad. what kind of food? Chinese, Japanese or spaghetti? B: I don't like spaghetti, no...

1.It's very hard for him to learn English. 2.He has got many friends here. 3.--What do you usually have for your dinner? --Bread and Vegetable. 4.Does Tony like eating chips? Yes,he likes it very much. 1.Where does your father ...

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