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张贴海报用英语是:put up posters。 详细解释: put up 英[put ʌp] 美[pʊt ʌp] vt. 张贴; 举起; 建造; 提高; vi. 提供食宿; 直接行动; [例句]Protesters have been putting up barricades across a number of major intersectio...

字面上是 Poster 几种海报的一般叫法: 广告海报:show bill; 演出海报: playbill; 电影海报:film bill

put the poster on the wall.


There is(否定是在is后加个not) a post on the wall

"Monsters Inc."是一部动画片,也是Pixar公司出品的,中文叫《怪物公司》(很不错,推荐看看!) 这里就是说是曾经出品《怪物公司》的“creator(创造者/制造者...)出品的。 PS 很多海报上都会引用曾经出品的较有名气的作品增加观影者熟悉程度嘛。

poster of panda

have already been posted 海报不能自己贴 需要被贴

Please add an explanation on the poster. 望采纳~加油!

英文:In the Atlantic Ocean in 1912 in order to find the sunken Titanic and the ship's precious treasures - priceless "Haiyangzhixin" treasure explorer Block salvaged from the wreck on a rusty safe, but, only one well-preserved...

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