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张贴海报用英语是:put up posters。 详细解释: put up 英[put ʌp] 美[pʊt ʌp] vt. 张贴; 举起; 建造; 提高; vi. 提供食宿; 直接行动; [例句]Protesters have been putting up barricades across a number of major intersectio...

put the poster on the wall.

to put up a poster

一个单词的:placard(作动词时意思为贴海报于) 连个单词的:paste poster


海报 n.playbill, poster (演出或球赛等活动的招贴) bill; playbill: 张贴海报 put up a playbill

字面上是 Poster 几种海报的一般叫法: 广告海报:show bill; 演出海报: playbill; 电影海报:film bill

We can put a poster at the gate of the store to inform our customers of the weekly new arrivals.

翻译:He was posted concert poster 望采纳

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