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have 用于第一和第二人称,即I You ,以及复数主语,如 they, students ,cats等 。has用于第三人称,如he, she, Tom, thhat cat等

have 主语是复数形式后用。 has 主语是第三人称单数后用。 had have的过去式。 如果说一个过去式就变成he had 确实是这样 而不是has


一旦have前面的主语是第三人称复数,就改成hasdo同样道理,改成does比如:I have, you have, he has, she has, it has, we have, you have, they have

主语是第三人称时(she/he/it),用has 主语是第一人称和第二人称时(I/you),用have 主语是复数时(They),用have

i have a pen. i have an apple. i have .... .. i don't have a pen. i don't have ....

A 选项一般是第一二人称,第三人称复数的现在完成时 I/You/They have been to Benjing. B是第三人称单数的现在完成时 He/She has finished the homework C选项是一般过去时 I decided to make friends with her。 D选项是进行时,一般跟be动词连用...

Most kids like animals. Girls like cats, and boys like dogs. However, my favorite animal is the horse. The horses are strong, not like the tame cats or puppy dogs. They look wild and hard to get close. Yet, they will be very ti...


后跟副词如 here,there,home,abroad时必须省略to .

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