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56-60 BCBCA

AEBGF 51的要求:吉他,只允许学过的加入,免费 52.星期六早上,钢琴,只允许学过的加入,收费 53.星期六下午,钢琴,只允许学过的加入,免费 54.星期六下午,钢琴,只允许没学过的加入,免费 55.钢琴和吉他,收费 知道这些信息后再在A到G中找就...

1, The book is on the desk.

参考答案如下: (一) 1. He is using the computer to do his homework. 2. He isn't using the computer to do his homework. 3. Is he using the computer to do his homework? Yes, he is. / No, he isn't. 4. What is he doing? (二) 1. Dam...

13. choice 14. composed of 15. regardless how 16. due to 17. confront with 18. on behalf 19. let's to 20. viewing 21. as peace as 22. in case

11--15 A B D C D 16--20 D A A C D


21-25 DCDAC 26-30 ADCBD .

为你解答。 1、how to stop being shy 2、hide 3、shy 4、an angry-looking face 5、nice 6、great 7、enjoy parties or games 8、worry about 9、You can make it 10、be brave to

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