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imprint ,make an imprint on your heart mark ,leave a mark on the table

印记 [词典] imprinting; stamp; signet; brand; impress 1、In other words, the materials and techniques of jewelry are a series of time imprinting. 珠宝首饰的材料和技术工艺就是一系列重要的时间印记。 2、None are genuine without ou...

时光印记 The print of time.

The Mark of Youngth

心灵的印记_有道翻译 翻译结果: Mind the mark

Historical impression 历史印记 历史印记承载了人的活动与体验,同时也定义了场所的含义。 Historical impression embodies human activities and experiences and also definessite.

Time mark

给时间留下印记。 Give time to leave a mark.

Y和H英文合在一起的铂金品牌印记 Y and H in English together is which the platinum brand mark

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