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一首英文歌(男的唱的,比较忧伤)反复重复how DoE...

Darin Zanyar-Peerless [00:00.67]doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer [00:03.56]why not president, be a dreamer [00:05.83]you can be just the one you wanna be [00:09.58]police man, fire fighter or a post man [00:12.74]why not somet...

When You Tell Me That You Love

Yeah yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s repeat the sensation. Seul Gi in the house. Yeah, that’s how we do (it). Let’s go. Mach chwo nae ge mach chwo na leul wonhan da myeon neo leul nae ge mach chwo Gach chwo ye ui leul gach ch...

doe re me

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