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I'm sick. sick 是形容词,前面要加be动词构成一个完整的句子

I am sick?

What's the matter with you . I have a cold .

“我生病了”的英语翻译是:I am ill I am sick I fall ill。 我生病了英语例句: 1、I was very sick yesterday. 2、I had a stomachache and a headache. 3、I had a fever and a toothache.

I got sick, seriously ill.

i am sick i feel bad

I am sorry to hear that. 很抱歉听到如此不好的消息 希望回答对你有帮助 其他问题请补充提问 Wish you a speedy recovery. 或者 I wish you recover soon. 希望你尽快康复 Take pills on time. 按时服药 You have to follow the doctor's instr...

I was ill, need to go to the hospital

I am sick today.

He was sick 例句 “恐怕他生病了。”——“真是遗憾。” 'I'm afraid he's ill.' — 'I'm sorry to hear that.'

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