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推动 英文

翻译结果 推动了某活动的开展 Promote the development of an activity 开展 carry out 网络释义 专业释义 汉语释义 carry out Launch carry on wage 短语 开展协作 Collaboration 开展运动 nation-wide ; publicity ; initiate ; launch 的开展...

推动 drive , force, hoist , impel , impulse , promote

Push the storyline

The plot Push the story Promoting the plot Drive the plot Push the plot

A lot of foreshadowing promote the development of the novel’s plot.

推动行业进步的力量,我觉得可以用比喻,作为标题,引人入胜很重要,国外的很多报纸标题也都会用到修辞, 所以,我把力量比喻成汽油,整个句子是: Fuels Driving Up The Industry


Technology gives great convenience to people's spirit and life ,at the same time,it makes the society develop forward.

推进 push 我们正在继续推进业务的发展。 We are continuing to push the business forward 他们把他推进了车里。 They pushed him into the car.

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