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推动 英文

翻译结果 推动了某活动的开展 Promote the development of an activity 开展 carry out 网络释义 专业释义 汉语释义 carry out Launch carry on wage 短语 开展协作 Collaboration 开展运动 nation-wide ; publicity ; initiate ; launch 的开展...


Push the storyline

推动 drive , force, hoist , impel , impulse , promote

The plot Push the story Promoting the plot Drive the plot Push the plot

Technology gives great convenience to people's spirit and life ,at the same time,it makes the society develop forward.

最具有推动力的 has the most driving force possesses the most driving force 例句: 这些杰出的年轻人之中,最具有社区推动力的人是哪个? Among these outstanding young people, which one possesses the most driving force in the commun...

contribute to the economic growth 也可以 帮你找了个例句 维护国家统一、民族团结和社会稳定,促进经济发展和社会全面进步。 "safeguard national unity, ethnic solidarity and social stability and promote economic development and social...

A lot of foreshadowing promote the development of the novel’s plot.

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