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Step by Step (Album Version) - Whitney Houston Well, there's a bridge and there's a river That I still must cross As I'm going on my journey Oh, I might be lost And there's a road I have to follow A place I have to go Well, n...

这首歌是贾斯丁比伯的love me

Bittersweet (Jodie Harsh Ex... 播放 歌手:Sophie Ellis-Bextor 语言:英语 所属专辑:Bittersweet - EP

叫to be alone peggy chan唱的


隐约只听到 too far too far from where you are, everything got away and the sun come from ..... Or chased my way into the forest and my heart and I'll see it, feel it,lets dream it. 歌曲咬字不是很好,应该是香港人唱的.估计某种原因...

Bittersweet 歌手:Sophie Ellis-Bextor 所属专辑:Bittersweet - EP

《I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight》---------Cutting Grew

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