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翻译下面几个词 英文

你自己找答案吧 我不会叫你的

童装专区:Children's wear section 儿童乐园:Children's park 书吧:book 休息区:Rest area 观影区:Viewing area 女装专区:Women's wear section 男装专区:Men's wear section 包包专区:Bag zone 皮具专区:Leather zone 女鞋专区:Women...

用英语翻译下面这几句话 要语法准确 网上直译绕道 Use English to translate several Chinese sentences below with accurate English grammar. Software direction translation will be bypassed or rejected. 虽然现在才四月,但我每天都热得...

氨纶 spandex 人造丝 rayon 包芯丝 cover yarn 断染丝 space dye yarn 涤纶 polyester 金丝: gold lurex 银丝: silver lurex

名不虚传-deserve the reputations one enjoys 名不副实-be unworthy of the name or the title 名垂青史-on the scroll of fame 名列前茅-come out on top 名落孙山-fail in a competitive examination 名正言顺-be perfectly justifiable 顾名...

lz玩英雄无敌3的?我也玩那个. 先发制人(h3里英文地图名是War of the Mighty) 也能翻译成如下英文 to pre-empt; to anticipate; to forestall

must be filled please fill in any option please fill in(数字)statics at least 后两个应该是一句话,如果一定要拆开,可以写成 at least ,please fill in... 数字+datas 如6 datas 六项数据。

1.蓝面包 blue bread 2.增长见闻 increase the knowledge 3.创造奇迹 create miracle 4.意犹未尽 feels not satisfied 5.茶饭不思 don't feel like eating or drinking 6.信仰佛教 believe in Buddhism 7.至死不逾 until death do us apart

你好, 翻译如下 把这个歌手介绍给其他人 introduce the singer to others 老是吃 be eating all the time 在。。。的末尾 at the end of 读书俱乐部 reading club 海洋中的一块陆地 land in middle of the ocean 科学和技术 science and techno...

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