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班级用英语表达有两种表达方法吗?如:三年级二班,一种是Class 2 Grade 3 另一种是Class Two Grade Three 对吗?第二种的几个单词的首字母必须大写吗


你在哪个班级 Which class are you in 你在哪个班级 Which class are you in

pay attention in class Don't listen to music in class. Don't talk loudly in class. Don't bother the teacher in class Don't throw rubbish on the floor. Don't eat anything in class. Don't leave the classroom without the teacher's...

名字,班级,爱好 Name, class, hobby 名字,班级,爱好 Name, class, hobby

in different class

monitor 班长 vice-monitor 副班长 commissary in charge of studies 学习委员 commissary in charge of entertainment 文娱委员 commissary in charge of sports 体育委员 commissary in charge of physical labor 劳动委员 Party branch secre...

Let us be No.1

介绍学校的:I am a student of a beautiful school.We have classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., We have three classes in the morning and four classes in the afternoon. I like study. I am happy to study in our school. And we have ...


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